Enhancer Plugin for JIRA

Add a new dimension to JIRA.

Let JEP analyze your issues

Valuable KPI metrics for QA reports

Custom fields, tab panels, workflow utilities, time and SLA features

Inventory Plugin for JIRA

Manage your Inventories within JIRA.

Quickly build custom inventories as you wish

Quickly build your inventory structure and bind them with issues.

Customizable structure, simple screens, rich set of report gadgets

Time to SLA Plugin for JIRA

Simply manage your SLAs within JIRA

Track your projects according to your SLAs

Define working hours and non-working days of your company as well as SLAs

Twitter Plugin for JIRA

Socialize your JIRA with Twitter Plugin

Follow JIRA projects via Twitter

Now your JIRA projects are on Twitter. Two-sided integration between JIRA and Twitter

Define workflow post functions and see every issue actions as tweets. Create issue or comment on issue by just tweeting. You can also define and customize your tweets.

Stateoscope for JIRA

All issue state history at a glance

Vivid and clarified issue state change history

Stateoscope issue tab panel with transition times

You can have a brief look at issue's history with Stateoscope. All transitions can be seen user friendly with transition times.

Multiple support options

Email to info@snapbytes.com and we'll get back to you soon.
For Atlassian JIRA add-ons please use below support options.

You can choose any support option.
Ask a question on Atlassian Answers, raise an issue on Bitbucket, or just write an email.
Add-on Answers Issue Tracking E-mail
Enhancer Plugin for JIRA Ask question Raise an issue jep@snapbytes.com
Time to SLA Ask question Raise an issue tts@snapbytes.com
Inventory Plugin for JIRA Ask question Raise an issue jip@snapbytes.com
Twitter Plugin for JIRA Ask question Raise an issue N/A
Stateoscope Ask question Raise an issue N/A

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